Jubiläum – 60 Jahre Gafa

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Work experience – Nizza 2015

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Mind the gap. This is one of the most common sayings in London. English enjoy reminding you of taking care of everything. We also had to mind our heads; we had to mind our step as well.

When we arrived in London we quickly got used to the British underground system. It took us two hours to get to our accommodation. The Wombats hostel offers excellent value for money and we even made use of the modern cooking facilities. We did a lot of walking which is a great way of experiencing all the sights. On a guided tour, for just a tip, we admired the sights of Westminster and listen to great stories and anecdotes for example the one about the man who managed to break in to the Buckingham Palace and get into the Queen’s bedroom… The Changing of the Guards, the visit of the London Dungeon, the National Gallery and the National History Museum, the boat trip on the river Thames, Covent Garden and the Oxford Street are just a few of the must see attractions we enjoyed. Nightlife activities were absolutely awesome but we won’t review further details here 😉

The journey to Norwich was really quiet, not only because we were in the quiet coach, we were also still tired. Norwich is a great city with 52 churches, one for each Sunday of the year and 365 pubs, one for each day. Guess where we were seen more often? The warm welcome at the City College Norwich, the cookery and the bakery workshop, the activity of the Start up Lounge were really lovely. The highlight at our stay was our Austrian Dinner which we prepared for the restaurant chefs of our work placements, some teachers and students of Norwich and for paying guests as well.

We really had an amazing time!


3rd Vienna-Norwich Exchange

GAFA and CCN students to meet again in June!   Norwich

L’hexagone accueille notre 3AGA

Nice nous héberge, Nice nous séduit, Nice nous fascine : le soleil, la plage, le Mamac, la vieille ville, le marché provençal… Deux gentilles profs de l’école Pierre Overall se soucie parfaitement de la faculté de langue de nos élèves. Et ceux-ci en profitent !! A Monaco, à Eze village, à Antibes – et à Paris.

À qui donner la préférence : à Picasso ou Chagall, à Delacroix ou Renoir ? À quoi donner la préférence : à Versailles ou Disneyland, à la tour Eiffel ou Notre Dame ? Les moutardes Mailles, les parfums Molinard, les confiseries Florian, les photos, les photos, les photos retournent avec nous. (mah)

Leonardo da Vinci Mobilitäts-Projekt 2013-2015

Vom 10. bis 24. Februar 2014 verbrachten 15 SchülerInnen unserer Schule im Rahmen des EU-Austauschprogramms „Culinary Training and Work Experience“  in Frankreich, an der  Côte d’Azur. Im Anschluss daran, vom 10. März bis 5. April 2014, besuchten uns 15 Schülerinnen des Lycée Professionnel Auguste Escoffier aus  Cagnes-Sur-Mer in Wien, wo auch sie die Möglichkeit hatten, in verschiedenen Betrieben zu arbeiten und Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Organisiert wurde dieses Leonardo da Vinci Mobilitäts-Projekt 2013-2015  von Frau Prof. Gertraud Arthold.

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Präsentation von Julia W. / Patisserieklasse

Et voilà – der Bericht von Matthias B. /Klasse 2FKA

The internship at Patisserie Lac was a life-changing experience for me. I enjoyed every minute. It was a complete new experience. The biggest change was waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning. But I got used to it very quickly, and I became a big coffee lover! Some days we had to work for nearly 12 hours, with a short break of course. I didn’t even realize that we worked that long, the time was just flying. I learnt many, many new things. Like decoration and ideas how to make perfect cakes. But also how such a big company is run. It was interesting and inspiring. I came back fully motivated. This experience had a big impact on my future. Now I know more clearly where I want to go, what my goals are and what I think would work well in my hometown Vienna.

Not only the working part of my stay in Nice was superb, but also the cultural aspect. Our teachers were absolutely fantastic as they had prepared a big cultural program for us. Although working a lot, we were able to see the most beautiful places and cities at the Cote d’Azur, such as Cannes, Antibes, Menton, Grasse. All in all I can say that I am more than thankful to have been a lucky student, who got the chance to participate in this program. I can recommend this trip to anybody who has a real interest in cooking or patisserie.
Thank you for making this possible! (Julia, Patisserieklasse)

Italienisch ist überallüberall

Zum Frühstück einen Capuccino, mittags eine Pizzaschnitte, und zu jedem feierlichen Anlass ein Glas Prosecco, – das ist längst nichts Exotisches mehr. Auch italienische Musik und Modemarken gehören zu unserem Alltag.

Nur wenige Autostunden von Wien entfernt, hatte Italien immer schon großen Einfluss auf die österreichische Küche und Kultur. Im Rahmen des Italienischunterrichts machte sich also die Italienischgruppe des Aufbaulehrganges in den vergangenen beiden Schuljahren auf Spurensuche.

In einem PROJEKTWEBLOG sammelten die SchülerInnen alle Hinweise auf italienische Spuren im Alltag und hielten sie mit ihren Smartphones fest. Dazu wurden Wortfelder erstellt, um die Herkunft zu erklären und natürlich auch den Wortschatz der SchülerInnen zu erweitern. Eine Fotowerkstatt und ein Blogworkshop ergänzten das Projekt, um auch das (Medien)technische Know-how sicherzustellen.

Das Projekt war ein voller Erfolg, sogar in einem italienischen Blog fand es Erwähnung, und vielleicht wird es ja im nächsten Schuljahr fortgesetzt. Bis dahin genießen wir unsere Ferien – mit pasta, pizza und prosecco 😉  Cin cin! 😉