Schlagwort-Archive: Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a beautiful historic city which is situated on the river Forth on the east coast of Scotland. Although it`s the capital city, it isn`t very big, Edinburgh has only about half a million inhabitants. On Sunday we visited Stirling Castle, which is a really impressive castle. William Wallace captured the castle with his army. We had a delightful view from the top of Stirling Castle. On the same day we went by coach to a whisky distillery. There we had a guided tour, however it wasn`t quite easy to understand the tour guide, because his pronunciation was very bad. The rest of the day, we spent in Edinburgh. We had to attend the school every day from 9am to 12:30 pm. Our teacher was very polite, friendly and always well- informed. One of my favourite places we visited was the Camera obscura. We could play there a lot of crazy games, with an interesting background story. Edinburgh Castle is also a must see, we were really amazed about the big size of the area, in spite of the rain we stayed there for 2 hours. In my opinion, the guided tour through Edinburgh was very informative; our tour guide had a good sound knowledge, so everything could run smoothly. In the end of the day my roommates and me got a delicious dinner at our host-mum`s. Her name was Anna, she was always extremely friendly and polite. Anna worked in a job-center and told us little stories about her day. On the last day I was in the old town, which runs from the castle to Holyrood place. There were lots of amazing old buildings. But my favourite place was the Royal park. It`s a huge park with an ancient volcano called Arthur`s seat. From the top there I had a breathtaking view of the river and surrounding countryside. All in all Edinburgh is a beautiful place to visit. I really enjoyed the stay and can recommend it to everybody, who is interested in old culture.    (Heinrich 2AGA)